A BIG thank you!

Hello dear Daniël Williamsen followers,

This is one of the very last pics of me in full focus at one of my gigs of 2014. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for me this year, with a lot happening back home. But as the year did progress, so did my energy and motivation for house music start to come back. I´ve had some amazing gigs at 28 different venues and clubs, started my own concept “Huis Houden” w/ a couple of mates, made a lot of new music (1st release of a own EP to be set in jan 2k15) and met a lot of new people.

I´m so grateful and proud to be part of some amazing concepts, such as Lekker Bij Olijf, Luxury/Senses, Roses-Lounge, Avondeten, Deciliters, Consistent Records and off course Huis Houden. I´m feeling more on top of my game as ever before and 2015 holds new oppertunities, party´s to attend, people to meet and music to build! A BIG THANKYOU to my support, friends, family and to the music for making a lot possible.

Happy new year, and see you on the other side. <3


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